Essi Contest: Check Yo Mailbox!

Ok, so I was on Twitter (as usual) and a light bulb went off in my head. I totally need to do a contest! I want people to be excited when they come to my blog! And what's more exciting that a contest! So here's the breakdown of it:

+I will ask a question about myself to see who really knows me. Like really knows me.
+If I know for sure that you already know the answer, I will say that you are exempt from that month's question.
+Every month, there will be a question. We gon' do this for 5 months, starting in October. If I get a job though, in September. lol
+First person to comment on the post with the question with the correct answer, wins!
+You will win something.Not gonna tell you what it is. Just remember to....
So let's do a test run to see if anyone will even participate in this.
Test Question: When is my birthday and what's the symbol of my zodiac sign?
Persons Exempt for this question:Drewski! lol
Now go and comment with the right answers!!!!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


janet lovelace said…
Oct 5th
Anonymous said…
octoba 3rd

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