Essi's back!!!!!!

Mama's home!!!!*giving kisses* Muah! Muah! Muah! Awww, it feels good to be back home and back on my computer and back to blogging! Although I was on vacation and not in jail, I was sad cause I was not in the blogsphere like everyone else.

But while I was gone, you probably know of course, my Dope Boyz held it down for ya girl! And the Takeover is over but I can blog! lol But BIG, HUGE,ENORMOUS Thanks to Drew, Juan Neal, AlneeZy, and Erik/Cameron for posting on my blog and giving my blog some company. You guys posted some real dope shit and exclusive shit and def brought some testosterone to my blog! lol I might to do a Dope Boyz Takeover more often....might. lol

Well while on vacation, a lot of crazy drama type stuff happened and yes, we have pics! Hopefully we can get some video up on here too. I have sooooo much to blog about! New music, new fashion, new crazy drama type shit! New Cudder,Drizzy, and Limo Times! Some Theory of Es posts and I'm gonna start a new thing on here called Life Lessons with Dr.Essi-some of yall ppl need some counseling-real talk! lol

But I'm sooo happy to be back and I hope you guys are happy that I'm back! Right, guys? Ya happy I'm back? *crowd nods* Ok, let's get-get-get it!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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