Essi's Bad Hair Day.

So today, I spent the first half of my day taking my braids out. This was a long awaited...event that needed to happen. I've been going natural since my 18th birthday last year and the majority of my hair is ...nappy. I like going natural, but I have no idea what to do with my hair!!!! It's wrapped up in a towel as I type this.

Tomorrow, I got things to do. I could call my Aunt to do my hair and braid it up again but I wanna wear my hair naturally for once! I usually just flat iron my hair but I might as well just relax it again if that's the case.

I doing this post as a HELP WANTED kinda of post. So all my beautiful African/Black women who are taking it back to their roots (literally) and going natural or are wearing their hair natural already, please respond to this post and tell me what to do with this...messy afro of mine. Tell me some hairstyles, products to use, techniques, ANYTHING & EVERYTHING! Thanx a million in advance!...yall don't want Essi walking the streets of ATL a hot mess now do you? Help ya favorite dope girl out!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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