Fact:Es is human.

Ummm, this is weird. So let's go over what happened and why I'm doing this post. So I get on the computer today and check my email like I always do. Got two emails from Blogger saying I got comments on the Hov and Drake song post and my pic of the day. Both by someone with no name apparently.I assume it's the same person as well. So I read those comments.Then I check my twitter and I'm getting tweets about me like this Hov song and other tweets which basically give me the vibe that people are not really feeling me or my blog anymore. So that's what happened.

Here's why I'm posting this post, I'm really thrown off at the moment. Like did someone totally shit on me on their blog or something? Is this Get on Es Day? Like damn. I kinda feel like people are trying my intelligence. I like Off That and I said why in the post. I'm not gonna change my opinion because of what others are saying about it. I'm my own person, I think for myself. So I like the song and I don't care if I'm the only person in the world who does. Enough about the song.

I blog because it gives me an opportunity to share my love for all things entertainment with others and all my life, people have asked for my opinion on things and I'm here to share those opinions with you. I know that this whole is not that serious of an issue. It's not like someone called me a bitch...at least not that I know of. But Im just....not alright right now. I want you guys to be interested in what I post and see why I like or don't like them. I understand that people like certain things about my blog, like my theories or my throwbacks or my Cudder,Drizzy, or Limo Times but I just want you to like everything! Idk...all I'm saying is that I'm a little hurt right now. I respect everyone's opinions and only hope that you will respect mine. I'm have feelings and a heart and they can be hurt by others like anyone else's feelings and heart. And no, it's not that time of the month before you start thinking I'm crazy or some shit.

In conclusion, I appreciate all of those who even took the time out to even respond to me and everyone who checks out my blog on a daily. I love you all and I'm not mad.Just hurt. I'm not gonna stop blogging of anything. I'm just a real person and felt like maybe you guys should know how I feel right now. To my anonymous reader, I will update Hippies Riding Limos today. I've been doing a lot blogging wise and well life wise! lol but I got all you Rich Hil fans, don't worry!

Maybe I really need to reintroduce myself. Hi, my name is Es and I'm human. *in Wendy Williams voice* How you doin? lol

Ugh! I LOVE MY READERS!lol I hope yall love me too! =D

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


Anonymous said…
Don't even worry about people like that, it's YOUR blog, if they don't like your opinion, then they're closed minded.

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