Go Team Amber Rose!!!!

Amber to Paparazzi:Don't let KanYe catch you taking pics of me from the back!

I totally made that up. Amber and all of her dopeness attended the opening of a Guess Flagship store in...I don't know where. Probably NYC. Now my sister and I were talking about Amber's style and the sister says that Amber needs to start wearing some clothes that aren't so tight. Like a little off her body. I suggested that maybe she feels more comfortable wearing clothes that are slim fitting. Sister goes,"Tight clothes make you comfortable?" Who ever said her clothes were tight for her? I just feel homegirl has her own style and not too many other people can pull it off.And know this, you aint never seen Amber Rose out&about looking bummie(or bummy, however you spell it). She always looks awake and fresh and not like she just rolled out of bed!
Love this pic the most! Turn the other cheek. Love the sunnies too, Amber! Okay, let me hear you say it! AMBER ROSE FTW! *children jump for joy* Ok, no more Amber Rose posts, I'm doing system overload with her today. Sorry people, but an Amber Rose post is needed on this blog-she's the dopest!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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