The Gospel According to Phive'10

Greetings, everyone!!! Oh, how I've missed you all since about a week ago ;D. I thought I'd swing by for a second and drop some knowledge. I'm going to title this edition of The Gospel According to Phive'10, "Orishi Rishi". I know what you are thinking... W. T. F??? For those of you not familiar with the Yoruba language (such a sexy ass language), orishi rishi simply means "variety", give or take a few loose translations. With that, I bring y'all "Orishi rishi"...

Thought 1: Names

To my people, the Yorubas, names play a VERY important role in our culture. All Yoruba names have strong meanings, and most Nigerian folks don't give their offspring senseless names that just "sound cute"; like ABCDE (pronounced Abasidee. True story. I'll tell you about that another day). Long story short, my sister's name is Esther; not to be confused with Easter. It is pronounced "Ssss-Terrr". Therefore, her nickname "Es" is pronounced "Sssssss", not "EEEEEEs" or "Eeeee. Sssss." Several of you lovely, intelligent, beautiful readers have mispronounced my lil sis's name, and I don't blame you, the seemingly simplest things are often the most complex. However, now that we know better, let's do better.

Thought 2: Dope Boyz Takeover

Hallelujah! Praise the Big Man Upstairs for having good blogging colleagues. Big thanks to the 4 young gents who helped "Ssssss" out during our lil family breaky-break: Drew, Alneezy, Erik, & Juan. It's great that y'all took time out to post on here, I just hope y'all didn't do any "post re-gifting", or in other words "copy & paste" assistance. That would be "Cold-blooded!!!" (Ah, how I miss The Chapelle Show). Anywho, y'all know what re-gifting is, right? When someone gives you a gift and you give that ish to someone else as a gift because either a) you couldn't stand it or b) you were too cheap to actually go out & purchase something. This act can be applied to blogsitting as well. You write a lovely post for your own blog, publish it, then smile and give yourself a pat on the back; that's the gift you gave yourself. Now it's time to give Es a nice gift by posting for her, but you don't have a lot of time or you're LAZY, so you copy & paste that wonderful gift you just gave yourself & give it to my lil sis who appreciates it so much as she reads it innocently from my Blackberry. Shame, shame, shame. Es could have copy & pasted from your blog herself, and wouldn't that have pissed you off. Post re-gifting is gross when you think about it. Having a post that's been all over the world... wide web. That's not jet-setting, that's slutty. The blog post that's been around the block a few times with Dick, Harry, and my partna dem. Ewww... my sis's blog would be turned into a brothel!!! Then again, I've never actually read any of your blogs, so I don't know any if you did that or not, but let's just assume y'all were excellent gift-givers and didn't commit that dreaded offense =D.

Thought 3: I'm Out

That's all I have for now. I gotta give myself a manicure since there aren't many things worse fashion-wise than chipped nail polish.

Muah, muah, muahs to all of you out there & don't miss me too much, I'll be back...

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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