iRemember: When I would listen to Kenna everyday...

Ok, so I was on imeem today looking for my sister's profile to listen to a playlist of Janelle Monae tracks that I thought she had. Well she doesn't have a playlist of Janelle Monae but I did find some musical treasure of mine. Before I decided to have my own imeem account, Erica and I would just share one. So when I went on her profile, I saw the playlist of Kenna's album, Make Sure They See My Face! I'm so happy I found this! The album came out back in 2007 and I use to listen to it everyday in the summer. I was very sane back I'm having panic attacks every minute because of some dumb shit. But now, while listening to this...I feel the calm that has come over me...ahhhh pure, good ol dope shit. This was my therapic music before I found out about Rich Hil. This is a classic album, his first album was a little scary.Kinda like Common's Electric Cirus, that album scares the shit out me! What was Common on back then? lol But this one is dope! Lovesssssssss this album!!! Okie dok, I want yall to listen to it and become Kenna fans! LISTEN TO IT! and Enjoy!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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