Joystick Madness.

Wordspit-Joystick Madness
Now, Wordspit and his music is nothing new to me. It's just that for some odd reason, I never posted anything from him. Strange, I know right! I've seen tons of videos of him performing and freestyling and this dude is pretty ill! Anyways, now to the song. When I saw Joystick Madness, I honestly thought this was a metaphor for something sexual because usually when I think a title literally means what it says, I listen to the song and it's something sexual. Example Lollipop and Candy Shop, I'm a still a kid (at heart), I like to get lollipops from the candy shop-literally. But when I listened to the song, I was pleasantly surprised that it really has nothing to do with sex at all. THANK YOU WORDSPIT! Listening to this song, I feel like I'm actually in an arcade with him and he's jumping around and stuff! lol I love the energy behind this record! I was jumping around my computer room like a little kid on a sugar high! Love this! It's gonna stay on the iPod for a while! Download and jump around people!

....I wanna go to an arcade now....

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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