Leave my people alone! lol

See...smh...my Nigerian people, we're so nice to people to the point where they start to think they are Nigerian. But Prophetess Charlette, I'm sorry to say but ya not. Leave dont get people to start thinking this is how we do. On a comedy tip, this was brilliant. But if you were being serious, my advice is to never show up in Nigeria and to just stop embrassing yourself.

Everyone else, my people don't do this.We do much better.

And she doing it in an Apple store-like, really? Lord have mercy, this was hilarious though.

I fell down the stairs a couple of years ago.

I bet you did!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


Cameron said…
1) she said "im a co-aga-pher"

2) how does "falling down the stairs" relate to anything

3) SMH lmao
Unknown said…
she did not go into the ipod store and shoot a video like she was at home and thing brought her own music and where are her teeth !!! she need to talk all her congrats to nigeria and africa cuz dont shit like that

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