Limo Time! Leak Edition 3x!

Look Mr.Hil! I'm trying my best to keep up with you! You keep dropping these songs like raindrops in a thunderstorm! Rich works hard, me as a blogger/dope shit feen gotta work twice as hard to deliver these tracks to the people! lol I love it though! I wish more artists were on their grizzly like Rich.

Let the leaking continue....
Rich Hil-Who Told You I Wanna Love You
...I'm lit like a fuckin' light show. In this song, he's talking about the ladies I suppose. lol He says he's cold hearted but I beg to differ. I think there's a nice warm side to Rich, after all he is a stoner. lol Funny this song dropped, cause you ladies out there are really tryna find out if he's single or Again, from what I know-he's not. But I'll ask him, just for you girlies! ...yall crazy though! lol

Rich Hil-Feel It in the Air
"...feel it in the air might be the most real and most current shit i’ve ever said"- Rich Hil
I'm feeling it...I'm feeling it. Deep shit.

Rich Hil-I Know You Love Me
Sounds like he was in a dark room, in the corner, just spittin that real shit! Love it!
Okay, middle finger to you limo.

Download all three tracks and get high with me! Limosa Nostra is coming soon...stay tuned.

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


Cameron said…
little richie is on my blog too lol

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