Limo Time! Leak Edition! 3x!

*blank stare*...If ya not up on Rich Hil by now...not only are sleepin' but ya probably live under a rock...a rock that is under the Earth's surface. GET INTO THIS! Don't miss out, like seriously? Rich is probably the one artist who can constantly givee the people that dope shit! And track after track, it gets doper and doper! Rich is really in the phase of perfecting his sound, which is so unique and its a beautiful thing, it truly is. He just not making music that you listen to, he's making music that you feel. I mean, there's a lot of music that I just listen to, but very few artists make music that I can feel, that can like change my mood-this shit is like therapy! lol I know that when Itell people to check out Rich's music, at first they're like "Umm...yea this is kinda different." and it takes them a while to get into it.But once they are into it, they are hooked! So if you have been reading my blog for a long time and STILL haven't checked out Rich, first off-shame on you! lol Secondly, do so and I promise you that you will thank me later! Okie dok? Ya gonna listen to it? Ok! Enjoy folks!
For all things Rich Hil, check out Hippies Riding Limos!!!

Rich Hil's next mixtape, Limosa Nostra, is coming soon!


'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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