Limo Time! Leak Edition!

Rich Hil ft.Boo Bonic-Her Reply
Why do I feel like all my Limo Times are Leak Editions? Cause Rich is hard at work to supply us with only the dopest shit! Only I can ask a question and answer it myself! lol Well I'm a little late with this one I know. Rich released it when I was on vacation and today is my first day of officially posting again, so here I am posting it. This track is off the upcoming mixtape, Limosa Nostra. Not sure exactly when it drops, but when it does it will be posted here and on Hippies Riding Limos. As usual, I like this track! The vibe is crazy ill. I think there is an art to mastering this kind of feel to a song and Rich has definitely mastered it. These leaks just keep making me more and more excited for the mixtape! Can't wait!

On another note, lately I have been conversing with some "loyal readers" of my blog and many of them or shall I say you ask me "Who is Rich Hil?" Now to be completely honest, I take offense to that. Cause with as many times as I post about Rich, you should not only know who he is but also be a fan of his. I post wayyy too much for yall to be asking me who he is. So here's what I want you to do:

First, go to that little search box up in the left hand corner-see it? Yea, type in "Rich Hil" then click "Search Blog". Read all the posts I've done on him. Read the reviews on the mixtapes, listen to the songs, check out the videos.

Then I want you to go to for more of Rich Hil!

After that, tweet me about how wonderful it was getting to know Rich Hil and his music.

Think of it as..."Get to Know Rich Hil Day"! Okay loyal readers? Thanx a million! Love ya lots! lol

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


Lageena morrisal said…
here is the big question we all wanna know is he on the markey cause he is so fine
Lageena morrisal said…
i meant market lol
Anonymous said…
That is a goodass question 4 u miss es? dnt u kno him? is he?
Es said…
lmao! yall crazy! but from what I know, he isn't. it's a shame I know, but I think he got his lady! lol
LA Girl 4 Life said…
I was thinkin the same thing when i saw him on aaron reid page i think since you his home girl you should ask him 4 us lol

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