Limo Time! Leak Edition!

I think I just need to admit to myself that I will never catch up with Rich when it comes to these leaks. 9/10 times he leaks something, I'm late. I like to be on top of things but with Rich, it's impossible! I respect this dude's hustle. So far the leaks have been getting better and better and doper and doper. Before I was patiently waiting for Limosa Nostra, now I'm impatient. I WANT IT NOW! This dude blows my mind with the dopeness that he comes up with. I already consider him legendary and he didn't even drop an album yet. Man, I'm like lost for words...just enjoy all the dopeness that he is giving us!

Rich Hil-If You Love Me
Rich Hil-RIP DJ AM
Rich Hil ft. Wynter Gordon (video below)
Big ups to Rich for the DJ AM track. That song is beautiful! I think it's a song that can go out to all of the legends and important we lost this year. We lost too many this year, it's scary. RIP DJ AM and dope shit Rich, keep it coming.

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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