My Sweetie.

Wale-My Sweetie

Wale! Olubowale! Thank you Oga! This is what Hip Hop needed. So Naija in the mix! Tell me why I grew up to the song he sampled! I really need to go to a Nigerian party now! Awww man, thank you thank you! A.King, the homie Wale is putting us on the map!!!! I need some to spray me some money right about now! lol this just made my day, no my year!!! I'm so excited abou this track right now. I've been waiting for him to do this and now he did and it's dope! I feel like it's missing a talking drum *wink wink* at my fellow children of Nigeria! lol Doe shit!

Wale I forever got love for you!


'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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