Off That.

Jay-Z ft.Drake-Off That [prod. by Timbaland]

What do you get when you got Hov on the verses, Drake on the hook (not singing), and Timbaland production? Pure dope shit! Everyone, this is my new anthem! D.O.A didn't make me too excited about BP3, Run This Town was iight, but again did not make me excited about BP3. This track- I'm copping this damn album for sure! Like I will overdraft on my card to cop this album just cause of this song! Don't you just love Hov on his club steez! And Drake did good, I'm glad he didn't do a verse though. I think it was appropriate for him to just be on the hook. Timbaland production could save a life- cold beat! I'm loving this right now. I'm jumping on the couch right now! Enjoy it yall! Get into this!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


Anonymous said…
Normally I agree with you but I disagree this time I jus dont think this songs that good IMO, to each his own tho.. Drake/Timbo/Jay Z r still the best and Im copping the album 2 girl!!!

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