Random Thoughts of Es.Take 3!

Well, the internetssssss is boring as heck on the weekends. I guess I'm the only blogger who doesn't take weekends! Anywho, I'm back with my third take of random ass thoughts. As usually, Essi has tons of thoughts swimming through her little world/brain. I just totally dissed myself in that last sentence. But yea, hopefully you guys enjoy this...I'm bored and you might be too, so I'm blogging for the both of us! Here we go!...

*I think I have a disorder. I'm always anxious as hell. I can't live my life like this forever.

*Next week might be my last, let's pray to God it isn't. Hopefully he will have mercy upon me and my education...and life.I hope they do to. God will provide...he shall provide.

*I miss my Sunday School kiddies. Even though they don't listen and eat tons of cookies and have the nerve to ask for more.Ohhh how I miss them!

*That Fafiette (in pic) looks like an ex-homegirl of mine. The bitch was such a little girl. Always whining about some shit.

*Speaking of girls, all my life, I've found it hard to really be close friends with them. Too much drama. Dudes keep it real and are loyal. My niggas ride or die for me, what about yours?

*I need to intern at a PR firm here in the A...anyone got some connects? Get at me!

*On the weekends, all yall be drunk tweeting *looks at Twitter* yurppp, he gotta be drunk saying that shit!

*New comers in Hip Hop are way cuter than the O.G's. Hence Cudi, Drake, XV, B.o.B, Mickey Factz, J.Cole, The Cool Kids, Pac Div etc...just saying.

*Def need a new iPod for Christmas...ohhhh yeaaaa.

*I wonder want I'ma do for my birthday this year...I wanna do SOMETHING!

*Everytime I can't find something in my size, I wanna start my own line. Sneakers? Got an idea for it. Bras? Got idea for it. Swim suits? Got an idea for it. Denim jackets? yurp, got an idea!

*Either you gotta be hella skinny or extra huge to find ya size in stores in the South. Real talk!

*Sneak dissing...*giggles*

*Dude, if I met you in person, you probably wouldn't like me too much. I can be a real bitch...if you want me to be. [you know who you are. ;D]

*I don't like a lot of celebs that are my age...wonder why....

*I hate it when I allow one person to turn my against a group of people. They didn't do shit to me personally...I might go to that event just because...I might.

*Ok, let me stop being a bitch.That's not very cupcake like. I Am Cupcake.

*I think I'm starting to like Rihanna the Music Artist again...will never hate Rihanna the Socialite though...

*With all the people I talk to on a daily, none of them has called me "weird" or "random". In high school, I got that like everyday!

Okie dok. Enough of you people swimming through my mind with my random thoughts.
Your tour end here.-Bret Michaels

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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