Review: XV's 'Everybody's Nobody'

20 mixtapes later...and this dude still got! I've been listening to XV before I even heard of Kid Cudi or Drake or any other new rapper out now. These were back in my MySpace days! lol I remember when he dropped mixtapes like The Definition(all parts of it) and The Complex Experiment (all parts of this one too). And how intrigued I was by his song What's Wrong with Hip Hop over that MIMS This is Why I'm Hot beat...those were the days. But now all of sudden, in the mist of these "freshmen", XV is back and doper than ever! Not saying that he ever left but the hype generation of rappers out now kinda blurred my musical vision in order to see him now a days! And Seven production is back in my life-YASSSSS! Seven is dope people! For people who have confused looks on their faces:Seven is to XV what 40 is to Drake. And if you don't know who 40 is after So Far Gone, your lost. But I'm very excited to see that people are noticing XV and all of his dopeness finally and giving him the props he deserves. While looking for a link to download this mixtape, I looked at a lot of the comments on the blogs and people are geniuely feeling this mixtape. People are souped about this 'tape (souped is an old slang word that I still use and will always use).

So I find the link and downloaded like I usually do with mixtapes....Anywho, first song in(Everybody's Nobody), I'm hooked! This is probably one of the best mixtapes that has dropped this year period! You can tell he put in a lot of time and effort into this mixtape. This shit is album status. He has definitely grown from his past mixtapes and is doper than ever. And I always knew Vizzy had bars, but in this mixtape-DAMN! He is spitting some serious venom! Like you might have to chop and screw this mixtape to hear the lines this guy is saying. And what I love most of all is that, he's so true to himself! Still the nerdy kid with the green backpack from Witcha, Kansas who has some of the illest lines ever! From the very upbeat, party type track A.D.D. to the realness of Mirror's Edge, this is my kind of mixtape! Props to all the producers on this mixtape-dope shit! I mean, I really don't know what to say, this mixtape is a must listen! Download, enjoy, and tell a friend to tell a friend!

Tracks to listen to:Every damn song on this 'tape!

Personal favs:
Vizzy, Vizzy, Vizzy


Life vs Livin'

Now Look

Fall Out the Sky

...this shit is so fuckin' dope...I can't even-...let me just stop.

Video of XV performing Gobstopper in his hometown of Witcha, Kansas

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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