Run This Town.

Oooooo someone put it online and they weren't suppose toooooooo!-shut up other bloggers! We all knew this was gonna happen.

Umm, so far I see that people aren't really feeling the video. As for Es, she loves it! It's simply a riot. They are letting you know, that they are gonna run this town...tonight...and every night from now on. It's not too dramatic but yet still theartical. Like I said before, when I posted the pics fromt the video shoot, the fashion choices kinda scared me, but seeing the video and the outfits in action, it worked. Um, still like the song-

Here's the thing, the song in itself is dramatic and has a storyline (kinda), therefore the video didn't have to be all extra. They got some extras to dress in all black, put some wood on fire, and marched everywhere.That was pretty much all we needed! lol Seriously though. I love how Rihanna thinks she is all hardcore now *rolls eyes*.I'm gonna stop hating on her.She did a good job.In the video and the song.I still think 'Ye's part is the best part of the whole song. Good job yall. I won't say it was dope, because it wasn't mind blowing, but it was nice. Roc Nation is running things now...beware....

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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