Team Amber Rose scaring you hoes!

When I first saw this pic, I actually wasn't scared. I was like,"OMG, what happened to Amber's eye?" I was worried about Ms.Rose! But then again, it's Amber Rose and she's on som other shit sometimes and that's why we all love her! Apparently, A.Rose was hosting a party in Vegas for Tao Beach. She needs a it Everybody Loves Amber! Just have cameras follow her around, because people fail to believe she's hustlin' right now. She is on her grizzly! Check her resume! lol I know the fellas are going to enjoy these pics more than my homegirls, so enjoy fellas! Just put the lotion away...eww. lol
Famous Amber Rose pose. lol
Famous Amber Rose pose, take 2! Loving the shoes homegirl!
No more scary looking contacts Amber! lol

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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