Theory of Es: D.O.I-Death of the Industry

Read this first, via Hip Hop Update
In a brazen move by Island Def Jam Music Group, head honcho Antonio "L.A." Reid has given the OK to start integrating ads into his artists CD booklets. The new advertising system will enjoy a maiden journey on Mariah Carey's impending release, Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel. The album's booklet will include a "mini magazine" with Mariah-tastic editorial content, backed up by "lifestyle" advertising (Elizabeth Arden and the Bahamas Board of Tourism have jumped on board).

The idea behind this cross-promotional system is that ad-space will pay for Mariah's CD booklet, and in return, magazine sponsors and products will enjoy that much more attention from record sales, in physical and digital format. According to Island Def Jam, if the "booklet as a magazine" experiment goes well, similar projects could be in the works for Rihanna, Bon Jovi and Kanye West.

I find this to be very funny. I remember when I first joined Twitter, someone tweeted that in a couple years, the music industry will go completely independent and digital. And seeing this story kinda makes me believe that statement even more. CD booklets as ad magazine? What a fuckin recession! Nice creative idea but I think I would be annoyed when I buy a CD and look in the booklet for lyrics or some pics and all I see are ads to vacation in the Bahamas. I think record labels need to learn to sacrifice some more things besides booklet space. Think of others ways to get the music out there without spending so much and and still be able to make a decent profit. Don't make ya shows on tour so freakin elaborate, teach ya artists better ways to spend and save a dollar or two. Ya know, everyday people stuff! Well this ...CD booklet/ad book thing is not the Death of the Industry but it sure is a sign of it. Just saying...

When I see more signs of the Death of the Industry, I'll do a Part II. And this was meant to be short and sweet.=D

That's my theory, and you damn right I'm sticking to it!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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