"We gon' run this town tonight"

Funny these pics surfaced on the web today because I've been meaning to post about this song again. I've been getting a lot heat from people about my opinion of Rihanna on this song. Key words "my opinion". I didn't say the chick couldn't sing, I just said I feel like a more soulful voice needed to be on the chorus. Rihanna is not R&B no matter how much yall think she is, she's pop! And to keep it 100, I didn't even really completely like this song at first. I only liked KanYe on this song. But I listened to it on vacation over and over again and I like the song and I'm ok with Rihanna tryna run the town with Jay and 'Ye! So yall back off me and let me opinions be great! lol...I am still annoyed by Rihanna presence in this world though...at times. Will post about that later.*gasps* AMMMMBBBBEEEERRRRRR!-and KanYe.....and Hov.
That chick next to Hov look like Terria Mari(Chick formerly signed to Rocafella;i fucked her name up I know), don't she?
Rihanna is a vampire.I knew it. I will say this about these behind the scenes pics, the fashion choices in this video scare me. It's like NY streetwear meets gothic meets gladiator. I'm a little worried...just a little.
Props to The Life Files for getting this exclusive shit...see I give credit to people! lol

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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