Who wants to tour with CLIC???

Ok, I know mad music artists read my blog, cause yall email me all the time! And thanx for that by the way! lol But here's your chance to not only let me hear ya music and be a fan of yours but also, perfom at a show on the Campus Life is Crazy Tour!!! Here's more straight jacked from the CLIC U blog:

So you think you got that heat?? Send us your Tracks….Demos…Mixtapes…WE LISTEN TO ANY AND EVERYTHING….

Get posted and earn your credits! If we think its heat…You’ll get mad props, a hot lil G.P.A and a chance to perform at the OFFICIAL CAMPUS LIFE IS CRAZY CAMPUS TOUR HOSTED BY LIFESTYLE CONDOMS….If it’s weak…You’ll still get posted but with a failing grade! You don’t want that on your transcript!! Not a good look!

Submit your music to any of the following CLIC ALUMNI…
Drewski: drew@campuslifeiscrazy.com
Mikey: mikeybombers@campuslifeiscrazy.com
Es: es@campuslifeiscrazy.com

So hit up Drew, Mickey, or me aand we'll check out ya music! Any genre, bands or solo artists-get at us!!! We'll be waiting!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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