Yall too?

I hate this video.

I blame JoJo for making me watch this. They literally went to the strip said,"Aye shawty's! We gon have a party at the crib, bring yo ass" Them chicks hopped in the tour bus, still in their stripper clothes and then they shot this video. SMH! Damn yall, but shout out to Jordan Tower, his does do dope videos. But this was just some pure fuckery. Damn.

I love this song.

I like this verison better than the original. Cause the Nappy Boy crew is crazy! I love'em! T-Pain is wild and his rappin is pure comedy, I mean that as a complienment. This Young Chris guy is pretty dope! Raps like a hood nigga, sings like an angel-who would have known?! lol I wanna hear more from him. Than Tay Dizm, this fool! I like him though, we need more people like him in the game..just for kicks! TRAVIE!!! My Gym Class Hero!!! I love Travis yall, you dont even know! He did good, he was spittin'! And he looks great! Oh Travie...I missed you!

Nappy Boy's "Every Girl > Young Money's "Every Girl".

Yup I said it!...even with Drake in the YM...NB's was some dope shitttt! I still hate this "Every Girl" topic though...eww. lol

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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