You would join the herd...

...DAMN KEYSHIA! Why couldn't you you! I'm officially sick of all these sheep following each other and then have the nerve to say,"I'm original." No you is not! Be original and do some shit that we aint seen in a female celebs with a full head of hair! All yall look retard! Typical Hollyweird shit. And then homegirl had the nerve to put some stars in it and then had the nerve again to dye the stars red. You ain't Chris Brown!

Ugh, lovely everyday people, if you wanna be dope and original, don't do what these celebs are doing. Set ya own trends, do the things you do for yourself and not to satisfy other people. Because if you see something someone is doing and say "Wow, that's dope!" Don't do it too, do something big and better!, Keri Hilson is gonna crank an Amber Rose buzz cut or some shit! Celebs!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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