ZShock Custom Punch Rings.

...And you thought ZShock only iced out GShocks. These rings are the shit! They are so personalized and ...dope! I want one! My would probably say "DOPE" up top, that when I punch someone, they will know a dope girl did it. Then on the sides, there would stars and clouds and it would say Es, of course. Might put my birth year on it too. And where it says punch ring, I would put my last name, cause I love my last name! lol Anywho, ZShock hooked the homies, Rich Hil and Aaron Reid with their very own punch rings. Rich's is up top and Aaron's is down below!
These rings deserve a song...
Don't call it a throwback! lmao! I'm dumb crazy! lol

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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