Another fly moment w/ Ye'Amber...

Ye'Amber were partying it up at the Persona Mag launch party hosted by Russell Simmons. Amber Rose covers the magazine and pics of her will be throughout the magazine. I've been trying to find the pics and cover, but no luck. Excuse me readers, gotta talk to my homegirl Amber real quick...

Amber Elizabeth Rose [I added the middle name], what did I tell you about them cat eye contacts?

C'mon Amber? I think the eyes bother me more than ya outfit? Why in silver? Maybe if it was in black, it wouldn't be so...costume-ish. But hey, you got a man and I bet 'Ye loved the outfit. But no more cat eyes, please Amber. Thank you girlie! Love ya!

Ok readers, Amber and I are done. But I just love these two. I want them to get married...asap! And make beautiful babies! lol

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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