Cudder Time! Fashion & Interview Edition!

Kid Cudi and Bape teamed up to do a dope collab on a shirt which will be released on Sept.10 and available at the Bape store in NY. During that day, they will play Kid Cudi's debut album, Man On The Moon:End of Day. Dope shit! Drewski actually told me about this shirt (still not sorry fool! lol), but I still probably know more Cudi shit then him...just saying. lol Anyways I like the shirt and Cudi looks cute as a little Bape type cartoon. The shirt is limited edition so don't except to just cop this at ya streetwear boutique or anything. Exclusive shit! lol
Interview Time!
I love Cudi interviews, because I love Cudi!..duh! Here's an interview Cudi did with Hip talking the VMA's and being nominated. Also about his next album titled, Cudder. Which will basically be a -well you can watch the video and find out! Enjoy!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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