Cudder Time! Video Edition!

"At, At, At, At, At Nite"

For like a good two weeks, right before the Great Hangover tour came to ATL, I was absolutely sick of Day n Nite. I didn't want to hear it on the radio, I didn't want to see it on TV, I didn't want to go to anyone's blog and hear it start playing-sick of it. But after the show, I started to like it again. Especially the Crookers remix. It has so much energy on it, love it!

Well, here's an alternative video to the Crookers remix. Remember the first one, where Cudi was in like his own corner store or some shit and girls were stripping for him and it was just a hot mess? Well here's a better video. Directed by up and coming video director, BBGun. BBGun is the shit! I love his videos! I think this video is a better representation of Cudi and the song. And just fits it so much better than the other one. Enjoy...or Rage like Cudder would say!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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