Drop It Low.

I heard this song. In my opinion, it's not that dope. It's typical. And it's so literally. Like it when I drop my ass blah blah blah. I swear the art of songwriting is dead, Death of Songwriting type shit. Yea, not excited about this. Nice to see Chris Brown on the scene again, musically. He sounded great on the song. Heard this Ester Dean chick was a songwriter. She might need to go behind the scenes and just continue to be a song writer. I don't see her singing career going anywhere far. Just saying. Enjoy the video I guess. I just like it cause of Breezy.

And oh, she does not have my name. She's Ester. I'm Esther. Pronouced the same but spelled differently and mean two different things. Ester means myrtle, a herb of something that is part of the chocolate family. Esther is of Persian origin and means "star". Yea, my name is better. And no, I didn't just look up those meanings, I always knew it. Carry on now...

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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