Fall Out the Sky.


I need to have Vizzy Times on here...anyways, here's the trailer for the music video for XV's song, Fall Out the Sky, off his ever so dope mixtape, Everybody's Nobody. I hate the idea of trailers for a music video..actually I don't hate it, I don't understand it. What, the video is like 4 to 5 mins, why have a trailer for it? I love XV so I'ma let him go! lol Video looks dope...I mean trailer. Is that Michael Moore I saw running into Vizzy? Whatttttt! lol

I love this song. I really want a group of ballerinas to do a hip hop ballet routine to this song. Why yall laughing? That would be so dope! lol For real though, if I knew how to do ballet, I would do a dance to this and post it on Youtube. Yall lucky I don't know how to! lol Enjoy the trailer...suckas!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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