The Girl They Call Es Presents...Carrot Clothing.

Decided to to another TGTCE Presents today.Why? Cause I can bitch! But actually, I got a new followeron Twitter and believe it or not, I do check out every follower I get. First, cause I wanna make sure you ain't a spammer. Then secondly, to see if ya cool ppls and what you are about and maybe find out why you even followed me. So today, Carrot Clothing started to follow me. I'm like "Carrot?" But hey, I wanna name a clothing line, Dinosaur Drool. We all have our reasons, we all have our reasons. So anyways, I check them out...this clothing line is pretty freakin dope! I really like their stuff! Here's some background info on them. Can yall even read that? lol Look at it here. But anyways, I like the movement behind this label. Not only does this label have a positive message behind it but the clothes are actually fashionable and ill. Here's some threads from them Another thing I like abou them is when you shop online, each item has like it's own bio of how the item came about and what influenced the design. Pretty ill. From a fashion standpoint, something there for everyone. Whether you go crazy with ya outfits or just like to keep it simple, they got something for you. So everyone check them out and cop something. Trust, when I get my money right, I'm getting a crewneck from them! And a tshirt...shit, maybe even a flannel! Cause we dope like that! lol
Check out Carrot Clothing at

Shout out to Carrot Clothing for following me today!!! Dope stuff you guys!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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