The Gospel According to E... PREACH!!!!!

Greetings, everyone! First things, first. Let's leave the "Phive10" in the past. 1) Because NO ONE calls me that. 2) It's wack. I only came up with that name because I want to work in academia so I needed a pseudonym, but bump that! Everyone calls me E, so y'all can call me that to.

Now. On to business...

I fell in love today. Literally. Not with a man. Not with a woman. But with a vlog. A man named Lewis Williams entered my world today via Youtube. He does a vlog entitled "Life Skills by". I saw it for the first time today and it (dare I say it) changed my life. Okay, so maybe it isn't that deep, but that ish is cold.

Have you seen and/or read "He's Just Not That Into You?" TRASH! "Life Skills" is the epitome of your homeboy sitting down with you and telling you all the things you DON'T want to but NEED to hear. As a 22 year old woman, I have had my fair share of triflin', "woman eater", uncaring, cheating dudes in my life and Williams seems to know this. He also knows why those dudes cheated and why they don't call/text me back. I'd give you all the info, but no one says it better than Williams. Dude is HILARIOUS, he knows his wine, and he is FLY.

After I watched "Why Do Men Cheat?" (see below), I watched all of his vlogs back to back and none of them disappointed

With that, I leave you with this clip. Check it out. Visit Thank me later.

And on a side note: Williams, if you're reading this, can I take you to dinner? My treat... ;)


Chip said…
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Lewis Williams said…
We can do dinner baby. I appreciate the love.
E said…
No problem. Let me know when you're in Atlanta. But no Olive Garden.

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