I would love to blog today but....

...I'm sleepy as fuck!

If you were on Twitter last night in the wee hours, you know that I was too. I didn't fall alseep til like 6 am. Then at 9am my mom and sister texted me to do something for them...that needed to be done asap. I literally had to peel myself off my bed and pillow and do it. Then I went right back to sleep and didn't wake up til like 1pm. Cleaned a little and ate. Went on the computer, did a blog run-nothing really interesting to blog about. Thank God!

...I'm way too sleepy. I'm surprised I'm even able to do this post! Well after this post, I will post a song that is dear to my heart now and yall can enjoy that as you look at the rest of the blog.

Remember to always check out CLICUniversity.com for some dope shit from other fellow bloggers. Sorry guys, if I wake up later on in the day, I might do a theory or something. No promises though. Iight, let me upload this song for yall to listen to...outtie.

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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