KanYe West x Liberation Next.

Let KanYe's abs be great! Checking the blog out, already seeing the people hate. The dude told yall he was working out and if given the opportunity, he'll pose nude! Yes, he did, in the Vibe cover issue he did. I got it! Right next to me XXL Freshmen 10 issue! lol So I'm not surprised by a "topless" cover by KanYe. But I really don't want to see him nude. That's just weird. He's my idol and if I knew him, he would be like my brother. Who wants to see their brother naked? lol Yea, thought so. But I do wonder why the decided to go with a shirtless cover pic...promo move I guess. Cause hey, we blogging about it over here in America, ain't we? lol Enjoy!...ladies. lol

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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