KanYe x Leno.

KanYe was on the new Jay Leno show and they obviously talked about his dumb antics at the VMAs. KanYe apologized...again and wants to see Taylor personally and apologize to her face. but that's not why I'm posting this. I'm posting this because Leno brought something up and when I first saw KanYe do what he did to Taylor, this very same person popped in my head. Leno asked KanYe what does he think his mother would have said about what he did. KanYe choked up.

Ask my sister, when he did what he did I was like, "He wouldn't have done that if his mother was still here." Dr. Donda West raised him better than that. And most award shows KanYe went to when she was alive, he would bring her with him. If she was at the VMAs this year, he wouldn't have been drunk and he would have stayed in his seat. Erica thought maybe it was the anniversary of Dr.West passing but she passed November 12 and that's two months from now. And even if it was, drinking is not how to deal with that sorrow. I'm glad Leno asked him about that because I think that now when KanYe sits down and really evaluates who he is as a person and entertainer, he will be thinking of his mother and what she wants for him.

And another thing about this VMA antic stuff, this really isn't good for Kid Cudi. His album drops today and all people are talking about is KanYe and his stupidity. Smh, I hate when shit like this happens man...

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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