Limo Time! Leak Edition!

Okie dok, another song has been leaked by Mr.Hil but this time it's off his other upcoming mixtape called This Is Limos, that he did with The Goodman Life.Here's some more info on that
This Mixtape is gonna be my first one sold on itunes….. heres the first single Weed n’ Liquor ft. Boo Bonic, also the first song i’ve leaked off this mixtape… all the production is by Roger Goodman with the help of Electric Limo Land….. This Is Limos is next… followed by Limosa Nostra…. peace n love - Rich

Dopeeeee!Limosss is gonna be on iTunesssss! lol Remember on the Drive Slow freestyle Rich did on The Lost Limos Pt.1? And he was like,"I'm home/all alone/on iTunes, tryna find my songs" Well now there are gonna be on thereeeeee! This is gonna be dope. I hope it won't be too expensive because I'm hella broke! lol But this is dope. So when it drops, on iTunes that is, cop it asap! Support Rich Hil!!!

p.s.Oh, and I like the song! Dope shit Rich and Bonic!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


Anonymous said…
i just wanna fuck him till his dick breaks. damn he is so fine n cool. it pisses me off that he just keep goin 4 the same girls.........dumb ass videos hoes
Anonymous said…
...o but i will go cop that on itunes n when he get off them silly hoes tell him to call me

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