Love Come Down.

Hmm....ummm....this is interesting. I like it. This Dirty Money thing, might actually work. Dirty Money might be the comeback of the Bad Boy we all loved once upon a time. Even though Diddy said 10 yrs ago,"10 years from , we gon' still be on top/Yea, I thought I told you that we won't stop" and that hasn't exactly happened, it might happen now.And the didn't stop now did they? lol I like this track. It's R&B x Hip Hop x Pop and usually when that combo happens, the music is shitty as fuck! But this time, it works.When I was hearing some of their tracks while I watching Making His Band, I was worried that they were trying to make some Hip Hop techno, 80's type music and it was gonna be a mess! But this track gives me hope that DM will be dope after all! Honestly, I'm just happy to hear Dawn sing again! lol Enjoy yall! 

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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