Man on the Moon:End of Day.

Drops TODAY!!!! RAGE MUTHAFUCKASSSSSSSS! YASSSSSSSSSSSSS! I'm so happy for Scotty! The album is fucking classic you guys! Yes, I did get the leaked verison, but I'm going to buy the albums still because it has like videos and tour footage and extra goodies and I wanna support my dudder, Cudi! I love him!!! He deserves my $11.99 (or however much it costs) in which I don't have right now. lol But like he said "I'll be fineeee once I get it, I'll be goooodddd" [from Pursit of Happiness].

I'll review it later, like maybe tomorrow. But it's a classic album. Cudi did a dope job with this album! It's very strong for a debut album too. I love Kid Cudi

Go cop the album you guys!!!!!!

KID CUDI FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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