Maybe she is just a side chick...

This shouldn't be a long post.

Ok, so we all know about KanYe and his rude antics at the VMAs. I know a lot of people are just waiting for me to come to my idol's defense but in this situation, he was an ass. Yes, I said it! KanYe was being an ass! First off, in the pre show, Taylor Swift said that she thoughe she had no chance in winning the moon man. Secondly, the one award Beyonce wanted to win was Video of the Year and she later on did. Thirdly, its the fucking VMAs!!! It's not that fucking serious, nobody cares about how many Moon Man's you have, this shit ain't the Grammys 'Ye., it was for Best Female Video, Beyonce didn't really even want that one. Fifthly-yea I'm making up my own words, Taylor Swift is what, 18 or 19? She a young chick and she was the only country singer in the mix! LET TAYLOR SWIFT BE GREAT! Sixly, Taylor's video was dope and she deserved that damn Moon Man.

Now to Amber. Yall know I love me some Amber Rose! Like I go hard for Amber and I rep her all the time. I even have two features on my blog around her, Go Team Amber Rose and Another fly moment w/ Ye'Amber. But as I was thinking about what KanYe did to Taylor, I thought to myself, "Where da fuck was Amber Rose at to stop him?" First off, why did she let him get drunk and bring a bottle of Henny with him to the VMAs in the first place? I obvisously don't know KanYe personally, but I never knew him to be a drunk! Then, when she saw him getting up and about to go on stage, when he wasn't suppose to, why didn't she stop him? If my boyfriend was about to go something stupid like that, I would have told him to sit his ass down! Not even, I wouldn't let him even get up out of his seat!

This makes me really look into the relationship of Ye'Amber. If they were really in love and shit, she would have stopped him from making an ass of himself. But she just sat there, like a side chick, and let him be stupid. It's like she's just arm candy. When everyone was saying this when we first found out they were dating, I was "nawwww" but now I'm starting to think the same thing! She's just gonna stay with him until she can be famous on her own and dump him. It's like she's using him. And she always just stands there and let him go all over her, like woman up Amber! I really hate to judge people because I would hate for someone to judge me but damn Ye'Amber! It's like yall are just together for the sex and to make each other look good on the red carpet.

I still have love for the both of them but I guess their true colors are showing...don't be surprised if I don't do a fly moment with these two for a while. I'm really disappointed in the both of them. smh gosh you guys!

Ok, maybe this was a long post. lol

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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