Nigeria vs Sony.

Ok, so I was on my blog run and went to and came across this post about Nigeria wanting an apology from Sony pictures. Here's the post, read it and then read the comment I left, which I put below.

My comment:
"They should say sorry cause if some European movie came out and making Americans look like bloodsucking greedy people with no morals, the whole US government would be on them and everybody would want an apology. She's not even asking to shut the movie down and burn the tapes or anything, she just wants Sony to say sorry.

I'm Nigerian and no, the Nigerian gov. isn't the best but the people aren't what the movie portrayed them to be. I've been to Nigeria, and it is a beautiful country with beautiful people. In every nation, there are the nice beautiful places where the wealthy live and there are the slums and ghettos. IN EVERY NATION! Even America. So for people to watch the movie and think that's how all Nigerians are, they are dumb and need to realize that yea it a movie.

Even though it's just a movie, they had no reason to make Nigerians seem that way. SONY obviously has something against Nigeria b/c in that PlayStation commercial about it being $299 or whatever, the SONY guy was like,"You can't believe everything you see on the internet, or else, I would be a Nigerian millionaire!" Like WTF? That was very uncalled for.

African Americans always have something against Africans, for whatever reason, so I don't except for you to understand why Nigeria wants an apology. But SONY really needs to watch it. Cause the last thing you wanna do is mess with a Nigerian, let alone the whole damn nation of Nigeria.

Don't say I didn't warn you.

p.s. OMO NAIJA!!!! "
It really bothers me how much people think that they can just say anything and do anything to Africans in general and get away with it. I didn't see the movie, but to hear how they portrayed my people is just sad and disappointing. I really don't need my friends coming to me and asking if everyone is a criminal in Nigeria or if all Nigerian women are prostitutes. All my life I've been explaining to people that not all Africans live in huts and walk around naked and barefoot and chase lions and stuff. Like I'm really over Americans ignorance of other cultures and people, especially when it comes to Africa.
Yes, there are criminals, and prostitutes and even people living in rural areas with barely any clothes on in Africa, but that's like 1% of the people! If not less! But guess what people, there are criminals and prostitutes and people with no clothes on in America! And Europe and Asia and everywhere else! Next time I go to Nigeria, I'm gonna do a documentary on Nigeria and I'm gonna show the beautiful, the good, the bad, and the ugly. I'm sick of yall watching T.V. and movies and getting one side of the story.
And to you Nigerians who left comments on thelifefiles and said Nigeria doesn't need an apology, how dumb are you? Nigeria isn't wrong for asking for one! Like I said before, if it was America instead of Nigeria and Americans were presented in a negative way in some movie, all these die heart Americans would be pissed off and raising hell! Like really? I wish your parents can read ya comment and slap you like crazy!
So all my lovely readers, the truth will not always appear right up in ya face like some lies will. If you want the truth, you need to look for it. You need to be willing to better yourself and know what's real. It's like when your parents told you Santa Claus was real and then you looked into it and find out that he's not. Yea, same shit. Nigeria is a wonderful place and Nigerians are wonderful people and if you treat us with kindness and respect, we will do the same 10x more. Because we go all out! lol
I really didn't need to hear all this...especially not with Oct.1st (Nigeria Independence Day)coming up..

p.s. F*CK SONY!!! *throws again SONY in the house away*

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


Unknown said…
i feel you Es cuz i caught that nigerian comment sony did with the PS3 and i was like wow thats fucked and foul and they have since taken that version off in ga but yea if the foot was on the other foot ppl would go ape shit

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