Quote of the Moment by Erica aka Phive'10.

Ok, so this...quotable moment happened yesterday while my sister and I were coming back from my aunt's house. Oh, Erica aka Phive'10 is my sister...in case you didn't know so! And we were talking about my "career" in blogging and promoting and what I should do...blah blah. So she said I should do something, which involves someone, so smooth things out. And I was like, "Yea, it's not good to burn bridges!" And this fool goes....
Fuck bridges! I can swim!-Erica
I busted out laughing! But it's so true! I mean like literally, we can bother swim. But if you think of what she said in terms of the other infamous saying, not every burned bridge is gonna hold you back from getting to the other side or going to the top. Some bridges need to be burned! You know, depending on the person and situation. As far as my situation with this ...person, I think I should throw some water on the flame because it aint no wildfire, if you know what I mean. Things can be fixed and egos can be checked. I know mine is.

So yea, my whole family is full of quotes and jokes! I love my sister!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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