Review: Jay-Z's Blueprint 3.

Oh where do I begin. Hip Hop fans have been waiting for such a long time for this album to drop. And today is the day we'vre all been waiting for."The day" was suppose to be Sept.11 but things leakage. Like many other greedy internet heads, we got the leak version of BP3. And I'm glad I got it because it really helps me decide if I wanna buy the album or not. So some people are hella excited today for the album to drop while others, lke myself, are just like,"It dropped? Oh." But don't get me wrong, when I got the leaked version, I was jumping up and down! I was souped [new England lingo]. So I listened to it like 3 times in a row before I could come up with an opinion about it...the album that is.
Now before I say what I have to say about the album, just know that Jay-Z is one of my favorite artists of all time. Ever since I was little, I looked up to him and hoped to be half the person that he is. He is one of the greatest artists alive. He is Hip Hop, he has this industry in the palm of his hands. I will always love and respect Sean Jay-Z Carter.
Now time to shit on the album a little =/
I like the organization of the album. I think how the tracks were put together was well thought out. I like the number of tracks, not too much, not too little.
Too many. Too many features. I swear on like 85% of the tracks, there's another artist on it. Can Hov not do a song on his own anymore? Artists I liked on the album are J.Cole, KanYe, Pharrell, Alicia Keys, Mr.Hudson, Kid Cudi, and Swizz Beatz. But too many features, that threw m off a little.
Is dope! I prefer the KanYe produced tracks over the Timbaland ones. I agree with the rest of yall, Timbaland shouldn't be allowed to produce anymore, because his stuff kinda downgraded the whole album. Still respect him but he could have done better...especially for Hov. KanYe did an excellent job-dope shit.
I don't know...I feel like the Hov is really not the Hov we know and love. I know every artist grows and evolves but like I feel like its a totally other artist on this album. He is still spittin' harder than some of these other rappers but I guess I was expecting so much cause..he's Hov! And I wanted more Hov in general, hence my feature section.
It's a good album. Is it classic? Not really, in my opinion. Is it horrible?Hell no, there is more dopeness than wackness on the album. I might buy it...when I get some $$$ for my birthday! lol
Tracks to listen to:
A Star is Born
Already Home
So Ambitious
Venus vs Mars
Young Forever
Do yall like BP3? Yessir or Heck Naw? lol talk to me!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


Anonymous said…
haven't listened to ob4cl2 or the ecstatic and so far gone is a mixtape so....

bp3 best album of 2009?

i think so...

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