This Lady named Gaga...

So that night i stayed up til 6 in the morning, I was rediscovering Lady Gaga and all of her dopeness. Checking out her website and watching Transmission Gagavision episodes. She's a really cool chick. When I first discovered her, I loved her. Then everybody loved her and I couldn't stand her. After the VMAs and her classic performance, I love her again. She is so talented. She is such a dope songwriter, well she went to school for it so I guess. And I love her voice! She can sing like any genre of music and kill it!!! I would love to see perform live. Well here's a video of her performing Pokerface piano style at the Marc Jacobs after party. I can look behind the wild costumes and stuff, cause her music speaks for itself. Enjoy!

Oh, I found this! Gaga does Just Dance at the same event!

If you don't shut up, I won't play the song.-Lady Gaga

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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