Throwback of Es: Dem Boyz.

AAAAAATTTTTLLLLL! Yall remember Boyz in Da Hood? What the fuck happened to them? Jeezy went like Alist in a sense and the rest of them are like Dlist! lol This was my shit!!! Watching it, I remember all the lyrics! lol I use to have the biggest crush on Jodi Breeze. Speaking of him, that's why I'm doing this for my throwback. When Erica went to GSU, she saw Jodi Breeze across the street at the famous shoe store, Walter's.He stared at her as if she was suppose to scream and get excited or something,but since Erica could care less for celebs and rappers and such, she just kept quickly walking as if he was nobody. Why does she meet all the famous people, that's suppose to be me!!! I would have said something to him and let him be great in that moment. smh Anywho, enjoy the throwback!

Why doesn't Diddy let his artists be great?....

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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