Up Up & Away.

now when the sun come up
ill be there to say what up in the
brush my teeth
find that clip ive been looking for since lastnight
i feel so caught up
in the budi float somehow in my bedroom
turn around
see myself in the mirror i guess im cool
and those happy
in my head
im feelin like im peter pan
minus the tights andthe fairies
happy to see how far ive come
to the same place
it began
my dreams imagination
perfectly at peace
so i move along a bit higher

ill be up up and away
up up and away
they gon judge me anyway
so whatever
ill be up up and away
up up and away
cause in the end
theyll judge me anyway

i seen the dreams ive made
so im cooler now
i can take care
of my mom and my little niece zuri
so sing along little mama
you aint
gotta worry bout no drama no
i provide for friends and fam and fans
a cleveland city grinder man
stay afloat
the key is hope
i never let a muthafucka break me dog
who gives a fuck
if a nigga dont like your steez
tell em raise off your N.U.T’s
we dont care what people say
dudes who critique your clothes are most gay
i aint gotta wait for no one
if i wanna fly
i can fly for freedom

yellow lyrics are the ones that mean the most to me. This song gives me hope and motivates me even more to make my dreams come true. I hold this song very dear to my heart. This is my theme song that I've been waiting for. This is forever dope. I will forever love this Kid named Cudi. Enjoy the track and be inspired.
lyrics via dnc

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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