Whose ready?

I AM! I'm looking forward to Russell Brand hosting again this year.A lot of people don't like him but I love the dude. I watched like one of his whole comedy stand up sets on Youtube once-dude is fun-ny! Excited to see what comes out of his mouth this year! Also want to see Jay-Z's and Beyonce's performances, which will be seperate of course! lol Wonder if Hov will do Run This Town and KanYe and Riri will come out. He better not do DOA. Hope Bey does Sweet Dreams, that's my shit! Also really looking forward to Janet Jackson's tribute performance for her brother. I know it's gonna be dope. I really don't give a fuck about who actually wins a Moon Man. All I know is that the ulimate Moon Man, Kid Cudi, better win for Best New Artist Video [or whatever the award is called]. even though most people think Lady Gaga is gonna take it but if she doesn't-give it to Scotty or I'm out for blood! lol

Well first I gotta catch ABDC @7pm, then the VMA preshow @8pm, then the VMAs @9pm....that's a bet! Well I'll blog about it during the week...like every other blogger-ugh! lol

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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