Why T-Pain?

Like really, Pain? Talk about being two face! Wasn't he just on stage with Hov at Summer Jam while he was performing DOA? All these rappers are just jealousy of Hov because he's about to drop one of the most anticipated albums of the year and aint no one paying attention to them. While girlies(rappers), it's Jigga time! Shut the fuck up! All you rappers are getting ya thongs all up in a bunch. So unnecessary! "Fuck Jay-Z! He's old as hell" Is that all you got? The only thing you can say is that he is old? Yall are just really making yourselves look dumb. Let Hov be great. Shut up, go to the studio, and make an album, then maybe we'll care about your existence. And I like T-Pain...but no one fucks with Hov...NO ONE!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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