Cudder Time! The Finale!

Already Home (video)

Well,well. If you have been reading the blog since I started my artist feature like Cudder Time, Drizzy Time, Limo Time, and The Hudson Times, you know that when they drop an album, the feature is closed...until there is news of another album dropping from them. So to have some order on my blog, Cudi's album dropped and this is the last Cudder Time until futher notice. So for this last Cudder Time, I would like to reflect on the Moon Man and leave you guys with some footage from Cudi's set at the recent This Is 50 show...where ever it was.

My first encounters with Cudi's music was like two years ago. First song I heard from him was Embrace the Martian. I fell in love. After the mixtape, A Kid Named Cudi dropped, I was legally married to his music. His lyrics, his voice, his sound, I loved it all. Then he got famous.

I still loved him but it wasn't the same. I felt like he was selling out...just a tad bit. He signed to G.O.O.D Music which was dope! Day n Nite was a huge success...but it just wasn't the same. Then shit started to hit the fan with the dudder. On his blog, which is no more, he posted that he was gonna quit music and just act and blah blah blah. I got pissed and cussed him out in two different posts. But then he said he wasn't gonna quit. Should have listened to Erica when she told me he wasn't going to and he was just being emotional. He did some shows all over the nation...and world. The pitch of his buzz got higher and higher and for a while, annoyed me. Even with all his new found fame and fortune, I knew the Moon Man that I loved for his realness and passion was still in there...somewhere.

August came around, I went to the Great Hangover tour that he was a part of with Asher Roth, B.o.B and Pac Div. Even with all the drunken drama that happened in the audience, I could still pay attention and watch Cudi's set. And let's just say I left the venue almost in tears because of it...not happy tears, the sad ones. He wasn't himself. I mean it was my first time seeing him live to face but I've watched tons of videos of him performing at shows and stuff and he was more hype and himself. It was his first show in the ATL so I'ma just assume he was nervous. He had no reason to be...the A freakin loves him! But it was a sucky ass set. I would ask for a refund but Pac Div's and Bobby Ray's set were so dope, it was worth the $31. Ok so I put my disappointment from the show aside and was somewhat excited for his debut album, Man on the Moon:End Of Day to drop.

As time went by, I got more and more excited for the album and then-it leaked. Of course I download the leaked version! You know how long I waited for the album and it leaks and you expect me to just stare at the download link? Smh. So I downloaded the album and loved it! It is such a classic album. Very well put together and thought out. I think the vision he had for the album worked and he accomplished what he wanted to with the album. It's probably in my top 10 list of dopest albums ever.Real talk. So the album has been out for a couple of weeks now. He sold 104k which is really good for a debut album in this recession. And most people who have the album love it.

But you know a lot of stuff has come out about who Kid Cudi is supposedly really is. Like his ex-manager is claiming some wild shit. Like that him and Cudi had a romantic relationship (yes homo. lol). Also that the whole story of how Cudi met Plain Pat and got signed to G.O.O.D Music is some bs that KanYe told Cudi to tell people and that Cudi wasn't really a "struggling artist". I don't fully believe it but it does have me thinking. So as of now, I'm just confused.

I like the music but I don't like the man. And I always tell people to just listen to the music and don't worry too much about the person the artist is...that's how KanYe could be my idol lol I'm not into having idols anymore by the way. Anywho, but it's hard to like the music and not care for the person that the artist is when it comes to Cudi because in a way he is his music. His music is very, very personal. No one really can say the same things he says because they are not Cudi. Like, I said-I'm confused. Maybe later on in the year, I'll figure out if I'm still a die heart fan of his like I was at the beginning of the year...yeaaaaa.

So here are the videos from the This is 50 show-Enjoy!

Embrace The Martian

Is There Any Love

Make Her Say & Simple As

Down n Out & Dat New New

Cudi Zone

Well this is it! I Hope you guys enjoyed my Cudder Times! Idk if Cudi himself actually saw any of them but I did them because I am a fan and I support his music. Alright, cry now cause it's over.


'Always More, Never Less'-Es


Rydee said…
NOOO! This post was a sad post uh uh the one where we had to lay cudder time to its rest *tear* But nah I get you. Sometimes he pissed me off or rubbed me the wrong way in interviews so I just stuck to listening to his music and its been working out well BUT WOOOOOOOOOOOOOW *flavor fav voice* That gay rumor is fucking wild

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