Declaration of Dopeness: Third Creek.

Marvin, Miggie 9, Court, Nick, David and Wil make up the very, very dope hip hop soul band, Third Creek. Wanna know how I found out about them? Well you know Rich Hil had a show in the A and I went right? Yeaaa Third Creek performed right before Rich. The whole "crew" was in there waiting for Rich to go on but Third Creek was still performing and I'm happy they were cause we easily could have missed out on their dopeness! This band is ill! Like the whole band is ill! You know sometimes you have a band and maybe just the singer is dope or the just the drummer or something? No, not the case with Third Creek. They are ALL dope and very good at what they do! I've been waiting for a band that I can really vibe with and have not found any recently, but after being at the Apache cafe show and seeing them live-FOUND'EM! The lyrics, the actual music, the vibe, the soul behind it, it's like...perfect! Yall def need to check them out and don't miss out on their dopeness!

Check out their MySpace to listen to some of their music

And here is a video of them performing their song, Walk Away
Here's them practicing their song, Don't Be Afraid

You know they are dope if I came home from the show, went to look at the show's flyer to find their name, then google them and find their MySpace and then post about them on my blog. Now that's a journey to dopeness!

Ok, time to declare!

From this day forward
I, Es, dope girl/your favorite blogger's favorite blogger
Declare that the hip hop soul band
Third Creek is......

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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