Discovery of the Day: Sky Ferreira.

I was just surfing the web for some dope shit and I some how found myself on a hunt to find some dope shit from this funky 16 year old girl named Sky Ferreira. At first I thought she was a model or something because of the pic I saw of her but come to find out, she's a singer! A very good one too! This girl is dope!!! I love her voice! They say she makes Lady Gaga old! lol And she kinda does. The next generation is coming up, sorry senior citzens! Well I only found one song that she is featured on with thie band called The Virgins and it's a remix to their song. And then, I found a cover she did of one of my favorite songs, Animal by Mike Snow. Her cover is so dope! She did a great job! When I sing the the comfort of my home, I sing it slow like she did. She's so dope! I love finding dope artists like this! Check out the songs and her MySpace!!!

Can't wait to hear more from her! She's gonna be a star...I can see it now! Get it girl!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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